State passes Transportation Package, ST3 is a go!

Sound Transit 3 could fund the remaining portions of Tacoma's HCT system.
Sound Transit 3 could fund the remaining portions of Tacoma’s High Capacity Transit system.

Thanks to the efforts of innumerable partners, the State Legislature has passed a transportation package with the full $15bn funding authority for Sound Transit 3.

This is huge news for Puget Sound and Tacoma commuters, as the transportation package will fund many local projects, including Bus Rapid Transit/Express on Pacific Avenue, a number of highway projects, such as SR-167, and may eventually lead to light rail being constructed from Seatac Airport south to Federal Way and Tacoma.

I encourage you to now please take the survey for the Sound Transit 3 system plan to let Sound Transit know that we want light rail to and within the City of Tacoma.

Now that funding authority is acquired, it kicks off an 18-month campaign to craft the ST3 proposal and to get it passed by voters.  I look forward to working with you all to see that this collection of projects helps to best serve riders in Tacoma and Pierce County.