President Obama’s Budget includes $75M Small Starts Grant for Tacoma Link

This news just in from Sound Transit:

The Obama Administration’s FY 2016 budget proposal includes $74.99 million in Small Starts federal funding for extending the Tacoma Link light rail line.

If approved by Congress, the Small Starts Federal Transit Administration grant would provide the single largest funding source for the future expansion of Tacoma Link, alongside funding provided through the Sound Transit 2 ballot measure and required funding that the agency and its partners are working to secure.

The finance plan for Tacoma Link assumes a $75m Small Starts Grant, $50m in ST2 funds, and $40m from the City of Tacoma, with $13m in grants already secured for the project.  If this proposal passes, and that’s a big IF, Tacoma Link would be at 84% of its total project funding.  That leaves a gap of $27m to fill in order to construct the full project to St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood.

Hilltop Link previously on TacomaTransit: