Tacoma in 2020

When I think of Tacoma in 2020, I see a bustling city of approaching 300,000 people that offers goods and services to people 20-24 hours a day. I see a vibrant social democracy, where we act in solidarity and invest in our people and our neighborhoods. I see a sustainable local economy with viable agriculture, high-tech and manufacturing sectors. And I see a dense and walkable urban form with healthy and growing business districts, a modernized transportation system, and an effective and entrepreneurial city government.

Shouldn’t we be measuring our annual progress in relation to these goals, rather than scrambling to find funding to fill potholes and making small changes that we never fully capitalize on? The problem I see is that too many of the people involved in Tacoma today spend too much of their time stamping out fires, reacting to social problems created by economic conditions that Tacoma has little to no control over (or just acting as passive observers in the actions of the free market or the public sector).

This blog is an effort to keep Tacoma on track. By leveraging the ideas of the people of Tacoma to develop a local vision on the Internet, and then producing initiatives to bring that vision about. This way we can leverage our individual creative capacities with the collaborative and communications powers of the Internet.

We all have a stake in the future. In this effort, I hope to help to invigorate the conversation about what is possible in Tacoma, the City of Destiny.